Meet Natalie Jackson

In 2012, The Frazier Stone Company was founded by owner and designer, Natalie Jackson. From the beginning Mrs. Jackson  has been dedicated to providing customers with handcrafted, one of a kind, jewelry made from the most exquisite gemstones and crystals. Mrs. Jackson took her passion a step further by offering the same impeccable quality gems and crystals to the world. With her eye for beauty and her love for creativity she created a beading empire. 

Mrs. Jackson and her team provides customers with a wide variety of gems, beads, and beading supplies while offering several mentoring services and classes to help others develop their techniques. She is dedicated to empowering others and building a safe community for creatives to learn and thrive. With her natural perseverance and an unmatched ability to lead with honesty and kindness, she has opened doors for many other creators and business owners to follow their dreams.

Quality, beauty, and creativity are just the tip of the iceberg for the amazing things offered when shopping and connecting with Mrs. Jackson.


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